cherry poppins
I'm Jay and you should let me touch you.

 nappy headed nigger (s)

The gawd
instagram: jayjeanjacket


Anonymous said: I swear you so cute.. I would like to meet you one day you really do seem cool

thanks and one day :D

  -  19 October

Anonymous said: Put up some videos , thirst traps .. I miss you , you been slacking bae

thats why i got sc ha 

  -  19 October

y’all miss me or nahh ?

  -  17 October

Anonymous said: What's your Instagram? I just got a new follower and I'm not sure if it's your real page or not


  -  14 October

Anonymous said: U shuld do the ice challenge at least it's for a gud cause

that shits old 

  -  14 October

Anonymous said: Why are you and juniior not active on YouTube anymore? I loved watching you guys. Made my days when they were bad 😔

awh we just fell off idk 

  -  14 October
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